Thursday, 28 January 2010

Spot us

I watched is a local flock of Redwing in a wooded area with clearings. I counted 12, feeding together on the ground, but keeping some distance in a loose flock. They behave very differently to Blackbirds, more wary and watchful, ready to fly silently up to the trees if they are disturbed. One of the birds was feeding amongst leaves, it had dug itself into a hole and enthusiastically pecked leaves aside looking for invertebrates - in very much Blackbird style. Redwings are so cryptic, even when sitting on grass they can pass for a fallen leaf, it's only when you stop and watch that their sudden movements make then apparent. Then you spot not only one, but the ground comes alive revealing the whole flock of Redwings.
Can you see the Redwing?

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