Thursday, 13 December 2012

Winter Herring gull pair

The Herring Gull pair at The Rock faithfully return to the park for the winter, and watch developments from their vantage point. I assume it is always the same pair, they stay together and I've never seen more than two at once. Herring Gulls are monogamous, mate for life and live long lives, so the pair might have been visiting the park for years. They are relaxed around people, and, unlike their relatives at the coastal resorts, do not bother people for scraps. They just wait. They know people will bring food to them at the park, no need to beg, just wait patiently.
 Herring gulls are in their winter plumage now, their heads and necks streaked with grey feathers. By February, their head and feathers will be pure white and soon after they won't be as regular in the park, having moved to their summer grounds for breeding.


  1. That is a terrific picture Africa, very sharp. I always have difficulty in identifying Gulls of any sort.

  2. Thank you Toffeeapple. They are a hard group to ID. I struggle with gull on flight and immatures, lots of opportunities to learn!