Friday, 8 March 2013

Breaking sticks

The nesting instinct is starting to stir in the Crows. Early last month, the pair above examined a nest from last year, one individual getting into the nest and doing some rearrangements. I am not aware of Carrion Crows reusing old nests, so maybe they were just suddenly experiencing an urge to sit on a nest again. I haven't seen the birds visiting the old nest again.
 Today, I noticed a crow struggling on a tree. It was trying to break a twig using all its might, flapping its wings and leaning back. Unlike other birds, which collect sticks found on the ground, Carrion Crows, Rooks and Jays use fresh sticks, that the break from trees as the material for the main framework of their nests. Then they will look for bark, hair and grass as lining lining on the ground. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the crow moved to another part of the tree, and this time it was successful first try, cleanly snapping the stick. It then rearranged the position of the stick to pick it up securely balanced from the middle, and flew away. The crow nesting season has already started.

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  1. Such clever creatures.

    A few weeks ago, I passed a Rookery and saw that one of the nests had fallen to the ground, in total ruin.