Friday, 6 September 2013

Woodpigeon eating elderberries

The elders are now fully laden with a plentiful berry harvest. Early this morning, a group of nervous starlings came up and down to one, feeding on the berries. A relaxed woodpigeon stretched and fed as well. The light wasn't perfect, and the birds a bit far, but I like that the berry bunches are still pretty much intact. Elder provides berries from mid August to early November. In their monograph on Birds and Berries, Barbara and David Snow recorded 16 species of seed dispersers and 6 of seed predators feeding on elder berries, the largest diversity of species for any other fruit. Numerically, Starlings were the most common, followed by Blackbirds, but other thrushes, migrating warblers, robins, corvids and even moorhens were recorded feeding on berries. Woodpigeons, after Blue Tits, were the main seed predators, although woodpigeons can also be seed dispersers of this fruit.


  1. And then there are the purple splotches on the cars...

  2. Ha, ha, I get those too, but happy to forgive them!

  3. Is it ok to use the photo? I have a link on my Facebook page to here.

    1. That's perfectly OK Peter. Pleased you liked the photo and thank you for letting me know.