Monday, 12 May 2014

Moorhen nest building

The Moorhens seem to have settled in the park, with a pair having secured the island as a territory. Next to the island there is a large fallen branch that has been used to nest before. One of the moorhens was tidying the nest, trying to bring branches sticking up into the nest structure.
 You can watch a short clip of her activities here:


  1. Our park Moorhens all build in cover -- in reeds, under a jetty, in a drain. Probably this is a response to the numerous Herring and Lesser Black-Backed Gulls. I have never seen one in the open here.

  2. Pearson Park has very little marginal vegetation, just a couple of patches. I suspect there are two breeding pairs, one of them under cover. I have never seen the gulls attacking chicks here, they get lots of scraps. Moorhens are quite successful raising their chicks.