Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Spotting the Sparrowhawk

The pigeon flock in the park took off all of a sudden, like a loud clap. In the silence that followed, I looked up: The male Sparrowhawk flew into the tree tops, I managed to see where it landed, high up in a sycamore. The leaves made it tricky to have a clear view, but I managed a few shots. When I find a predator by interpreting the behaviour of their prey I get a satisfying 'Dr. Dolittle moment'. The rattling call of the crow that gives this blog its name, or the alarm call of the blue tit have pointed me to many a Sparrowhawk. The Feral Pigeons are probably safer in flight than sitting on the cafe roof when a Sparrowhawk is out hunting, so they take off as soon as they see the raptor in flight.


  1. Caught a similar sight today here in the eastern U.S. A Cooper's hawk was hanging around, and clouds of birds would take flight wherever it passed overhead.

  2. Thank you for your comments Albetonykus and Toffeeapple. My best shot so far, but the large trees in the park make it difficult to get close views, and they are always quite shy, reclusive birds.