Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Fledgling crow

As I took the kids to school this morning, I noticed a couple of crows on the grass on the school grounds. One of them was hunched up and I thought it looked like a young one. As I was leaving I went to check. Still looking like it would be more comfortable sitting in its cosy nest, it looked curious as I approached, and it didn't flee. It's first encounter with a camera, taking things in. As human babies, Carrion Crows young ones have dark blue eyes, which will darken to rich brown as adults. The blue eyes, pink mouth and brownish feathers help tell young from adults, but the general attitude is different too, as young crows tend to be much tamer than the adults.


  1. I like that image so much that I have added it to my Pinterest board; with accreditation, naturally. Thank you Africa.

  2. It's a lovely picture: a smart brat ready to make his way in the world.

  3. Thank you Toffeeapple and Ralph, much appreciated!