Sunday, 20 March 2016

Collared dove fledgling

The other day I watched a Collared Dove attacking a Woodpigeon. I was a bit puzzled by this bit of seemingly random aggression, as the Woodpigeon was on its way to drink.

The following day in the same spot, a Collared Dove sat on a branch, quite low and I thought that the Collared Dove's puzzling behaviour might have to do with it's nest being nearby.
 This morning I thought that the Collared Dove was sitting in the same spot, but when I approached I noticed the fuzzy fluff and less pink plumage of a fledgling. Completely unafraid of me, it looked curious as I took its portrait.
This is the third pigeon species that I have seen fledglings this year, the first one was a Feral Pigeon, then a Woodpigeon last week. Not wasting any time!

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  1. I am in Santa Barbara. This morning two or three collared doves were eating seeds on the ground. Four or five crows were nearby but when the crows came within about five feet of the doves, the doves attacked the crows and chased them for several hundred feet. This happened three times.
    -Don in Santa Barbara; July 29, 2016