Saturday, 13 August 2016

Woodpigeon mating

Although the Woodpigeon must be one of the most abundant and familiar British birds, a few days ago I was lucky to watch their courtship and mating at very close quarters, when a pair landed on the garden fence. I should have taken a video, but instead I ended taking a series of photos, which don't cover the full sequence. I saw, but did not photograph, the initial courtship feeding.
1. The male (on the right) had just fed the female, both move the bills, like swallowing. They are right next to each other and excited, note the contracted pupil in the male. The female sits down, crouching, inviting copulation.
2. The male mounts the female, balancing with wings open.
3. The male stabilises on top of the female, which remains motionless, with  wings spread (to make male balancing easier?).
4. Copulation, male flaps for balance, female leans forward lifting tail.
5. The male jumps onto the left of the photo, both partners (which are extremely alike in colour and size) fluff their neck patch and bow their heads in what looks like an aggressive display. These are woodpigeons in all their splendour, what amazingly beautiful birds they are!
6. The female actually turns away from the male, not a brilliant shot but shows how the neck patch feathers are raised. The pupil is very contracted.
7. The male remains in the post-copulation display.
8. Both pair members come together again and preen (I think the female is now on the right, and shows the initiative in caressing the male neck and head area).
9. The caressing carried on for a while.

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