Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fledglings galore

The resident birds seem to have synchronised their breeding to such extent that I saw/heard seven different species of fledglings or chicks in my way to work. A Blackbird (#1) fledgling gave a try to hunt for itself, its parents out of sight. It was hilarious to watch it picking up a dried berry and dropping it and listening for worms.

A lovely fluffy Robin (#2) fledgling by the university parking lot, still very naive, let me get quite close (top photo), a pair of Greenfinches landed next to it and had me confused for a while!
Then a pair of noisy rook (#3) youngsters by the university woodland area demanded to be fed, I could only get a poor shot.

The family of Wrens (#4) I pictured a couple of posts ago were still around, the young giving their calls from a bed of nettles and docks opposite the Wilberforce building.
In my way back from work, a lovely family of Long Tailed Tits (#5) 'see-see-seeing', but the young ones shun me and only gave me their tails to photograph.

In my kids school, the Blue Tit (#6) eggs have finally hatched and I watched the live footage, with one of the parents sitting on very hungry and bare chicks
Near home, the Starling (#7) adults and youngsters in the nest have starting calling to each other with their 'churrr' calls which mean that they are almost ready to leave their nests.


  1. Love the Robin picture, it looks very fierce. You are lucky to see all those babies.

  2. Thank you Toffeeapple, it looks so independent. I watched it again today, feeding on its own. Robins have these long legs and that way of standing so straight!