Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wren fledglings

I heard some thin calls coming from a thicket in the University Wildlife Area. Two alternating calls, probably coming from two recenlty fledged chicks. Chicks calling alternatively are incredibly difficult to locate as each call makes you look in a different direction. I spotted an adult Wren giving an alarm call nearby and waited. Eventually an adult approached one of the chicks to feed it and I could see where it hid. The chicks were sitting inside some nettles. I could only get a poor shot, but it shows the yellow rim of the mouth typical of chicks.


  1. A nice find, good luck to those Wren chicks

  2. Such a pretty little creature, I wonder how many are in that nest...

  3. Thank you kirstallcreatures and Toffeeapple. It is the first time I see wren chicks, they are tiny!