Thursday, 7 November 2013

Autumn songs

Despite the days becoming shorter and darker, a few birds are still singing. Robins, both males and females claim their winter territories with their heartfelt, melancholic song, Wrens can be prompted to go on their outburst of song all year round, often by other bird calls and Starlings, donning their brightly spotty winter plumage call enthusiastically from chimneys and aerials.


  1. My darling Starlings! I have an increasing community here, I am happy to say. In the early 70s they were ubiquitous, imitating the Trimphone and, simply, pleasing me by being close to me. I was pleased to see a small flock recently, such endearing birds.

  2. They are lovely, full of personality. I plan more posts on them, just need some more photographs or videos.