Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Watching Tufted ducks

Three Tufted ducks, either female or immature, have settled in the pond of my local park these last days. They have allowed me an unusual opportunity to watch them at close range - as the pond is quite small. They spend much of their time snoozing, preening, and diving. Although the light was a bit poor, the rich colours of the reflected trees on the water made up for it.
 They preen their bellies quite a bit, turning almost on their backs while floating in the water to do so. When they dive, they often do it together, diving one after the other. I had never seen a Tufted duck on land, but today, two of them spent a little time out of water, just by the pond edge, and then it became obvious how different their leg position and body shape is to dabbling ducks.

A good wing flapping after a grooming session

Showing its white belly while preening
Showing the heavy body and legs placed wide apart in the side of their body.

and an edited video of the Tufties

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