Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Carrion Crow begging to its partner

A Carrion Crow collected food in its bill and gular pouch on the University playing fields. Sitting in the nest atop a still bare ash, its mate called repeatedly, a begging, hoarse, nasal call, kaaaa! similar to a Rook's. The crow collecting food - most likely the male - looked up to the nest and flew heavily upwards in circles, stopping on a roof on the way. The female called again and flew off the nest to meet him, calling like a fledgling would do, crouching and wing flapping. The begging and feeding carried on out of sight on the roof.
In Carrion Crows, the female incubates and is fed by the male during this time, so it is likely that the nest on the ash tree already has eggs.
male crow collecting food for its mate

The female returns to sit on the nest (maybe already has eggs?)
The female's tail sticks up from the nest.

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  1. We have a pair of Carrion Crows that come into the garden, if there is peanuts out you can see them filling up their crop with as many peanuts as they can. The other thing they like to do is pull the bird feeders of the stand and drop them on the floor, so the food spills out....I have yet to see them feeding of the floor,it's a small garden and I don't think they feel safe on the ground...